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Saturday, April 30, 2011

MIsteri perkhawinan DiRaja Kate -Williams

Salam. Pasti ramai orang nak tahu pasal perkhawinan Diraja antara Putera Williams dan Kate Middleton kan (sekarang dah tukar nama Puteri Duchess). Saya pun tak taengok kat tv pun. Hanya search dari internet sahaja. Lebih dari 2 billion menonton perkahwinan mereka.
Disini saya letakkan gambar yang saya dapati dari internet. Selamat menonton...

What William said to Kate: When the bride and her father joined the groom at the altar at Westminster Abbey, the Prince mouthed these words to Middleton: "You look beautiful." According to some lip readers, he then quipped to Papa Michael, "We were supposed to have just a small family affair." Cheeky! Meanwhile, tweeting observers could not resist rewriting history with jokes at William's expense, such as this one: "We should have gone to Vegas."
What Prince Harry told William: As Middleton walked slowly down the aisle, Wills -- visibly nervous -- gazed stoically ahead, avoiding the urge to sneak a glimpse of his future wife. Not Harry. The flame-haired best man peered backward at his sister-in-law, informing his brother: "Right, she's here now." Flashing a roguish grin, he added: "Wait 'til you see her." Cue swoons from lovestruck Harry Hunters.
The kiss(es): The bride and groom smooched not once but twice on the balcony at Buckingham Palace. The crowd roared. Princess Catherine blushed, and Prince William beamed.

`p/s: sumber dari yahoo news... anak dah kacau... sorryy...


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