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Thursday, September 01, 2016

Earn extra interest of up to 1.5% when you save, shop, or spend!

Get higher returns on your savings with Maybank Premier 1 Account. Enjoy additional interest on top of board rates :

+0.5% when you Save with Maybank*

+0.5% when you receive Inward Fund Transfer*

+0.5% when you spend with your Maybank Credit Card*

You can do any or all three to earn up to  +1.5% p.a. on your savings. Terms & conditions apply.

This offer is available from 1 August till 31 January 2017 and is open to all new and existing Maybank Premier 1 individual account holders under conventional scheme.

*Upon fulfilling the prequalifying criteria for additional interest

Sumber: 2016-08-25 Maybank Malaysia WeChat

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