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Friday, May 28, 2010

Big Fish Moment with Pizza Hut

Big Fish Moment with Pizza Hut

Hi and Salam 1 Malaysia! Yes! at last my dream comes true! I had tasted a new pizza, Pizza King! Im so excited and don't know where and how to start my post.. hehehehe

OK . On last Thursday 27th May 2010, I had appointment with a doctor as my wife is going to give a birth. As im so excited to hear of a good news from the doctor ( Dr. Hj Adlan), he said that my wife has to wait for a real pain or 1 month from now. My feeling on that time was mix with happy, worry, afraid and others feeling as I expected to be deliver on the day. Suddenly I think Pizza Hut and take my family to Pizza Hut Jaya Jusco, Ipoh.

The time is 11.30 and its good for a lunch. As I enter the staff welcomed us and we have a seat. First impression, the staff is not fulfill my needs as I can't seat to where I want. Hehehe the most important now is to get Fish King ! With no hesitate I order Fish King set 1, 1 Large Criss-Cut Fries, 1 mango lassy and 1 milo iced. The order comes within 15 minutes only. As usually, the first menu comes is soup and garlic breadstix. So we all eat first as we are really hungry ;) Then here it comes.. a Fish King Pizza! hehehe... for me to eat a dreaming pizza I need to be peace in mind. So I let my mom n wife to take it first. Then when its on my plate... I took a chilli sauce first. Yeah we are Malaysian. If its not spicy is like no ummmpph! then I taste a pizza first.Wah it got chili too.. hehehe it got crabsticks, juicy pineapples and cheeses.. And finally I eat 'Alaskan Pollocks' fish fingers. So nice n crunchy! Everyone take 2 slice of pizza. For the last piece, fish finger I eat with mayonnaise and it feel Yummy!!!! I like when its come with mayonnaise! I don't know how to describe the Fish King Pizza. The pizza is the real King! The taste are totally difference from the other pizza I ate.

For me this pizza is really tasteful n delicious! I hope it will become the main pizza as I can get it anytime I want!

Here is the link of pictures ..oppsss sorry... Im not in the pictures as I took the photo of my family!

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